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Cambodia Wedding Customs

During the Cambodian wedding traditions, dowry is paid out by the slave to the women’s family to show them his financial ability. Additionally , dowry is used to show the family of the girl that she will end up being well cared for.

The Cambodian marriage tradition is frequently religious. In the wedding, the newlyweds get a noble blessing. Following the ceremony, the couple travels to the temple for the recitation of mantras.

The bride and groom exchange gifts with their friends. These products are usually bestowed in beautiful papers. Guests must continue their head bowed throughout the ceremony. The gifts happen to be arranged in coordinating pairs.

Before the wedding party, the man will pay the dowry to the ladies family. The girl’s friends and family may inquire a huge dowry.

After the feast day, the few has a short break to pose for the purpose of pictures. The family members wrap red egypt carefully thread to the groom’s wrist to represent that the few will have good fortune and be well protected for a long time to come.

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The Cambodian wedding party lasts about 15 minutes. It includes a procession of the soon-to-be husband and friends and family. The procession is based on Cambodian record. The retraite involves the groom’s family members, the bride’s family group, and other family members.

The bride’s family and the groom’s family relationship with vietnamese woman are sitting down on one part of the few. The groom’s close friends are sitting for the opposite side. The bride’s family and the groom’s friends are sitting down on the other side of the couple.